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The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys plays an active role in matters of public policy.  The assoc- iation may be contacted at the following address:  National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, 1577 Spring Hill Rd. Ste. #220, Vienna, VA 22182  Ph: (703) 563-9504

The association has a public policy consultant in Washington, D.C.  who advises on Federal legislative activities of which the members of the association should be aware.  The consultant also helps to forge political alliances with regard to pending Federal legislation. 

NAELA has expanded the role of its political consultant.  NAELA has also joined the Leadership of Council of Aging Organizations.  This is a coalition of senior organizations.  The Leadership Council advocates on behalf of positions favored by its members.  This enables a group of organizations concerned with aging to act with one strong voice.  NAELA has also formed a public policy committee to study public policy issues and to advise NAELA with regard to positions that should be taken.  In addition, NAELA has also recently formed a public relations committee, which is charge with the responsibility of creating public awareness of NAELA and its work.  The work of this committee should prove helpful in waging public policy battles in the future.  NAELA has formed its own Political Action Committee, or P.A.C., known as the NAELA Senior Interest P.A.C.


The A.B.A. is a very large organization with significantly more clout than NAELA.  However, its interests are not similarly targeted to the elderly.  The A.B.A. represents a cross-section of all attorneys and appears to be dominated by large firms.  Elder law attorneys tend to practice in firms of one to four at-torneys, many being sole practitioners.  The A.B.A. addresses a large number of concerns each year, and tends to give especial priority to ten, which vigorously pursues.  These issues often relate to tort reform and other issues affecting litigation and large firm practice.  However, A.B.A. support should be sought, even if only a resolution can be obtained.  Further the American Bar Association has a Commission on the Legal Problems of the Elderly, which can be approached for support.  The association may be contacted at the following address:

                                                                 American Bar Association,

                                                                  321 N. Church Street,

                                                                  Chicago, IL  60654

                                                                  Telephone:  (312) 988-5000

The American Bar Association Commission on the Legal Problems of the Elderly can be contacted at the following address:

                                                                     American Bar Association

                                               Commission on the Legal Problems of the Elderly

                                                                         740 15th Street, N. W.

                                                                 Washington, D. C. 20005-1022


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