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What Can a Special Needs Trust Pay For?

By Mark Shalloway |

Special needs trusts, also called supplemental needs trusts, are designed to permit a person with disability to receive and retain funds to enhance their quality of life without affecting their eligibility for needs-based public benefits.  Funds in a special needs trust will not prevent a beneficiary from being eligible for Medicaid and Supplemental Security… Read More »

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Updates to ABLE Account Rules

By Mark Shalloway |

Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) accounts are savings accounts designed for individuals with disabilities to assist them in saving money and building savings and retirement funds without damaging their ability to receive government benefits such as social security and Medicaid.  Recent changes to the federal rules governing ABLE accounts now enable account holders… Read More »

medicaid planning in Florida

Common Misconceptions About Medicaid Planning in Florida

By Mark Shalloway |

Clients often come in with questions about Medicaid eligibility or the effects of Medicaid for themselves or their family members, frequently with misconceptions based on things their friends have told them.  It is important to clear up any misconceptions you or your family may have with the help of a knowledgeable West Palm Beach… Read More »

New rules to Florida special needs trust law

Changes in Florida Special Needs Trust Law

By Mark Shalloway |

Special needs trusts, also called supplemental needs trusts, can be an essential part of any estate plan that includes family members with a disability, particularly special needs children.  Special needs trusts allow you to leave money to a family member who receives public benefits such as Medicaid without causing the beneficiary to become disqualified… Read More »

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4 Life Events That May Prompt Revision to Your Estate Plan

By Mark Shalloway |

Creating your estate plan is not a one-time event. Your last will or trusts should be reviewed regularly to ensure that your property will go to those you care about most. Aside from regular updates every few years, there are certain life events that should prompt you to revise your estate plan. Learn more… Read More »

Coins and a digital asset sign

Including Digital Assets in Your Estate Plan

By Mark Shalloway |

More and more of our lives take place not in the physical world, but in the digital world. We store important personal and financial information on our computers or in the cloud. We save photos and videos digitally, or post them on social media sites, without ever creating a physical copy. We pay bills… Read More »

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Vulnerable Florida Residents Now Have Rights to Protection from Guardian Exploitation

By Mark Shalloway |

In March of 2018, Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed bill number HB 1059 into law. This law, § 825.1035 of the Florida Statutes, provides for the right to file an injunction for the protection against exploitation of a vulnerable adult, and is intended to provide protection for those under the care of a guardian…. Read More »

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Income Trusts and Medicaid: Frequently Asked Questions

By Mark Shalloway |

Qualifying for Medicaid benefits as a Florida senior can have a huge impact on your ability to afford the long-term care that you, your spouse, or your parent needs in their later years. Many Floridians would simply be unable to pay for in-home or nursing home care without qualifying for Medicaid coverage. A common… Read More »

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What Qualities Do Contested Wills Often Share?

By Mark Shalloway |

If you’re in the process of drafting a will, you probably want to do all you can to ensure that the assets in your estate are distributed as quickly as possible to your chosen inheritors. One of the major obstacles to distributing the property contained in an estate is a legal challenge to the… Read More »

Handbook about Veteran Benefits on a desk surrounded by office supplies

Caregiver Funding Set to Expand to Pre-9/11 Veterans

By Mark Shalloway |

Earlier this year, the US Congress approved the VA Mission Act which, among other things, will expand the Veterans Affairs benefits available for caregivers of disabled veterans. Read on to learn about these benefits which are or will be available to Florida’s Veterans, and contact a VA-accredited West Palm Beach attorney for help getting… Read More »

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