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Common Misconceptions About Medicaid Planning in Florida

By Mark Shalloway |

Clients often come in with questions about Medicaid eligibility or the effects of Medicaid for themselves or their family members, frequently with misconceptions based on things their friends have told them.  It is important to clear up any misconceptions you or your family may have with the help of a knowledgeable West Palm Beach… Read More »

New Rules

Changes in Florida Special Needs Trust Law

By Mark Shalloway |

Special needs trusts, also called supplemental needs trusts, can be an essential part of any estate plan that includes family members with a disability, particularly special needs children.  Special needs trusts allow you to leave money to a family member who receives public benefits such as Medicaid without causing the beneficiary to become disqualified… Read More »

Folder estate planning

What Qualities Do Contested Wills Often Share?

By Mark Shalloway |

If you’re in the process of drafting a will, you probably want to do all you can to ensure that the assets in your estate are distributed as quickly as possible to your chosen inheritors. One of the major obstacles to distributing the property contained in an estate is a legal challenge to the… Read More »

Sign that reads "New Rules!"

Governor Attempting to Change Rules on Applications for Medicaid in Florida

By Mark Shalloway |

Florida Governor Rick Scott has recently applied with the federal government for a change to the Florida Medicaid program. Read on to learn about the possible changes to the law, and speak with a Florida special needs and elder law attorney to learn more. Earlier this year, Gov. Rick Scott requested a change to… Read More »

Veterans Affairs clipboard

Veterans Affairs Now Offers Aid & Attendance Benefits for Traumatic Brain Injury Victims

By Mark Shalloway |

The Department of Veterans Affairs has recently announced that it will be providing regular Aid and Attendance benefits for a new class of injury beginning on June 7, 2018. Read on to learn more about the changed rule, and contact a knowledgeable VA-accredited Florida attorney for more information. VA Aid and Attendance benefits, also… Read More »

Social Security Payments

Social Security Payments Increase, but Recipients May Not See Benefit

By Mark Shalloway |

Social Security recipients typically receive a cost of living adjustment each year to the amount of their monthly check. For several years, that adjustment has been either very minor or nonexistent. However, the Social Security Administration announced that it would be providing a more-substantial 2% increase in 2018. Unfortunately, many Social Security beneficiaries have… Read More »

helping aging mom

Assisting Aging Parents in Moving to a New Home

By Mark Shalloway |

If your parents have recently reached an age where they can no longer manage to care for both themselves and their home, you may be thinking through what steps you’ll need to take to help them transition into a new living arrangement. Helping your senior parents move out of their longtime home can be… Read More »

A stack of money with a bow wrapped around it

Financial Gifts to Children

By Mark Shalloway |

After her 73 year old husband, Harold, suffers a paralyzing stroke, Mildred and her daughter, Joan, need advice.  Dark circles have formed under Mildred’s eyes.  Her hair is disheveled.  Joan holds her hand. “The doctor says Harold needs long-term care in a nursing home,” Mildred says. “I have some money in savings, but not… Read More »

Nursing home abuse

Signs that Your Loved One May Be a Victim of Nursing Home Abuse

By Mark Shalloway |

The US population’s average age is increasing rapidly, and growing with it is the population of the nation’s nursing homes. While many nursing homes provide competent, gentle care to their residents, some are prone to neglecting or abusing residents emotionally, verbally, or physically. Below, find out more information about the problem of elder abuse,… Read More »

A document that reads power of attorney

Durable Powers of Attorney

By Mark Shalloway |

On October 1, 2011, Florida’s power of attorney law changed when the state adopted large parts of the Uniform Power of Attorney Act. This law introduced significant changes to how power of attorney documents are regulated and the duties an attorney-in-fact owes to the principal. The principal is defined as the individual granting certain… Read More »

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